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Blue Ain’t What I Feel For You
Danny Dodge releases new single “Blue Ain’t What I Feel For You” b/w “I See A Lot Of Her In You”. Check out the great Flaunt Magazine premiere! L.A. Record review calls it, “an epic recounting of all the heartbreaking things that might come close to approximating his bluer-than-blue doldrums—like ‘a cowboy movie where the hero dies.'” Available worldwide through all digital platforms. Spotify here!


Welcome Portland’s Roselit Bone
We’re very excited to announce the addition of Portland’s Roselit Bone to the Get Loud family. One of the best kept secrets in the Pacific Northwest, their debut LP with Get Loud, currently being mixed by Noah Georgeson (Devendra Banhart, Andy Shauf), is due out July 19, 2019. Until then, check them out on tour this spring!

Felix Rose debut EP
The scuzz and buzz of Felix Rose is on full display in this 4 song EP released a few months back via Get Loud. The former Hairy Patt  Band (In The Red Records, Chrome Frog) frontman explores the outer limits of his psyche with Get Loud’s house band, The Forgivers. What follows is an uninhibited, booze soaked splatter of 70s low brow rock and roll. Check it here!

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Chief White Lightning
SF Weekly pick.
“…has delivered a raw, no-gimmicks rock album that echoes spirits of the genre’s past with its feet firmly planted in the 21st century.” STORK CLUB PREVIEW.

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Trolling Is Over (If You Want It)
Matt Drenik crafts a compelling piece on the state of modern music in the Trumponian Era. Full Talkhouse article here.

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Accidental Drug Use
Acid Tongue premieres swirling, psychedelic head trip of a video from their most recent album, “Babies”. Get your freak on here.

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Chief White Lightning track “Bleach Blond Heritage” off of his self-titled debut record out July 13, 2018 via El Camino Media premiered over at Truck Space today! Incredible graphics make this gem completely off the hook. We’re stoked to see some well deserved attention sprung on CWL. Check it here! Produced by Matt Drenik @ Get Loud Portland.


Far Lands announces a set of new singles “Death Doesn’t Sleep” a/b “Nights” premiering Friday June 1, 2018 via New Noise Magazine. Big ups to the crew at Riot Act for getting this out there! Click here to check the article.

furies 2

Bad Shadows
Portland punks Bad Shadows entered the studio a few months back to record their full length debut. It’s a ripping smack of punk and roll, destined to bang fists and heads alike. Coming 2018.

Matt Vondy Soundcloud

Welcome Matt Vondy
Matt Vondy’s debut, solo song “All With You” premiered on OPB Music a while back with Jerad Walker noting, “it’s a haunting piano ballad with a heavy dose of “Revolver”-era Beatles guitar, the track is a surprising, but welcome, departure for Drenik who chews up the empty space he doesn’t always find in Battleme.” Listen here!

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Lady Gunn premieres Danny Dodge
track “Baby, Let Me Be Your Mess” off his solo debut along with a great interview about the ebs and flows of being a songwriter in the modern mess of the music industry. See the full article here. Article photos by Danielle Defoe 


Far Lands debut album out!
Far Lands debut album, “Oh, What an Honor / Oh, What a Drag” is now out worldwide (physical / digital). Visit the online store to pick up a copy of the vinyl w/ limited poster and digital download. OPB Music recently said, “The finished product is a delicate and reflective collection of shoegazey rock songs and ballads in the vein of Grandaddy and Yo La Tengo that grows more likable with each listen.” Full article here


Battleme / Cult Psychotica 
All Music gives Battleme’s “Cult Psychotica” 8 out of 10 stars on it’s most recent review. Recorded and produced at Get Loud by Matt Drenik. “…recorded during one frenzied weeklong session at the band’s Portland studio, the album is a red-eyed collection of fuzzy rock anthems, all centered on Drenik‘s throaty, nasal-pitched sneer. What he lacks in outright vocal resonance, he makes up for with strutting rock attitude and literate, philosophical lyrics that are equal parts Lou Reed and Elliott Smith.” – All Music

Far Lands 2

Far Lands
Welcome dream psyche pop duo to the Get Loud family! Their sprawling, minimal pop debut is out November 2017.

“a delicate and reflective collection of shoegazey rock songs and ballads in the vein of Grandaddy and Yo La Tengo that grows more likable with each listen. ” – OPB Music


Get Loud Vinyl Compilation Vol. 1
A limited number of 100 Get Loud vinyl comps are still available, featuring unreleased and released material by GL artists Danny Dodge, Far Lands and Matt Vondy as well as unreleased tracks from Howard Ivans, Chief White Lightning, Acid Tongue and more. Get ’em quick. Once they’re gone, they’re gone! Visit the store!

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Chief White Lightning / City’s Alive
Earlier this month, Canon rolled out a new commercial featuring the Chief White Lightning track, “City’s Alive” recorded and produced at Get Loud. It’s the first single off of CWL debut record “Donut Feel Good” out early 2018 via El Camino Media.


Baby, Let Me Be Your Mess
Danny Dodge’s debut LP “Baby, Let Me Be Your Mess” is now available everywhere worldwide (digital/physical). Itunes link can be found here. Check calendar for upcoming dates.

HPB2 CD front-cover

Hairy Patt Band // Dicky’s Eye
Aug 25, 2017 marks the re-release date of The Hairy Patt Band’s 1996 In The Red Record 7″ on CD/digital along with several unreleased songs from that session. Dicky’s Eye is a reminder of why I love my rock scuzzed.


Ivan Howard
Welcome Ivan Howard to the Get Loud family. Not only is he a hell of a songwriter (see Rosebuds) but also one hell of a producer. Get your jams on! And a quick side note : his new “Howard Ivans” record is FUCKING INCREDIBLE!

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Music, Art, and Design
Have you ever wondered how an album gets made? Not the music— but the art. It turns out, the process can be just as thoughtful, creative, and intense as writing a body of songs. Musician and opbmusic contributor Matt Drenik recently sat down with two Portland-based graphic designers for a longform conversation that explores the intersection of music and design.



Grizzled Mighty /  Set A Light
Video premiere for Seattle garage duo Grizzled Mighty. Their currently ripping through Europe on tour. Until they’re back stateside, check out the video from upcoming record, “Crooked Little Finger” tracked and mixed at Get Loud.



OPB Music premieres Portland’s Phantom Ships’ cover of The Urinals.
This Friday (July 15) Get Loud releases Cover Me (Volume 1), a covers compilation (9 songs) by PNW artists. Portland’s Phantom Ships featuring Steve Turner (Mudhoney), Matt Brown (Ashley Stove), Evan Railton (Swords Project) and Brent Rahja, burned out a rad cover of The Urinals’ Black Hole. Check it out here!


Felix Rose
In the early 90’s, a singer-songwriter from Ohio was weaving lo-fi and gutter punk into a folk mold of lost Americana dreams. Tapes traded back and forth, no masters in site. A few months ago we landed a series of these tapes and low and behold, Felix Rose came to life. We’re proud to be releasing it, finally, into the world, tape hiss and all. Does a better love song than “Box of Wine” exist today? Just remember, “bad things happen to good girls when they drink outta the box.”


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Vortex Magazine premiere
Natron’s cover of Open Up Your DoorAh, so good! Big thanks to Vortex Magazine for premiering Natron’s version of the Richard and the Young Lions’ song “Open Up Your Door.” Get your shit kickers out and do something with ’em.



Hairy Patt Band
In the early to mid 90’s, nothing was as pure and maniacal as the gutteral squalk of Columbus Ohio’s cowpunk duo Hairy Patt Band. They shared shows with The Jesus Lizard, Cows, Laughing Hyenas, Ed Hall, Pork, Cop Shoot Cop and others. And then, they disappeared. So it’s an honor to announce that over the next few months, Get Loud will be gearing up to re-release some of the duo’s 7″ singles (originally pressed by In The Red and Chrome Frog) and a slab of unreleased lo-fi gems. If mind blowing dirt scuz straight from the belly of the Ohio River is your thing, look no further. But just to be clear, it’s not for the faint of heart. Reunion time? Enjoy!


Get Loud’s Cover Me – Volume 1
Over the last few months a slew of Portland bands have come in and tracked cover a variety of cover songs for GL’s first compilation series. Last week it was Ivan Howard (The Rosebuds) doing his best 80’s Tina Turner rendition. Before that Natron Andrews birthed a revamped version of an old Richard and the Young Lions’ jam. This list goes on and on.  Set for release  July 12, 2016.

Unsung Heroes of Rock

An Interview with the Unsung Heroes of Rock
Need a drum kit? Ask the tour manager. Need a new van? Ask the tour manager. Need bail money? You go it. In a wide-ranging conversation, Opbmusic’s / Get Loud’s Matt Drenik chatted with two Pacific Northwest-based tour managers, Chris Coyle (Red Fang) and Rachel Demy (St. Vincent), in an effort to shed some light on one of the most interesting and least understood jobs in rock n roll.


Journey to the End of Pickathon
Matt Drenik’s wild ride through Pickathon 2015. OPB gave him a 1000 word assignment to cover the music festival held on Pendarvis Farm during the first weekend of August. He turned in 5000 words on dehydration, dirt, & joy. This is his epic journey.

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Chelan – Beams premieres at Impose Magazine
This past month Impose Magazine premiered Chelan’s first single, Beams, off their new record due August 2016. Partially tracked at Get Loud w/ Matt Drenik and mixed by Doug Boehm, Beams screams pop rad.



Neko vs. The Volcano
In his debut article for opbmusic, Matt Drenik addresses the perfect artist, consumer conundrum. What are the acceptable boundaries of cell phone use at concerts in a new media world starring Neko Case.

Patti Guitar Wall - GL

Get Loud Opens
Finally, we have lift off! Get Loud has officially opened its doors in NE Portland (Hollywood). The 1200 SQ Ft studio hosts a variety of gear and bizarre melody makers, complete with ideas, cosmic dogs and a record label. We make records, big and small, for fun or mass consumption.

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OPB Music premieres “Black to Blue” by The Needs.
Tracked at Get Loud and Revolver Studios, The Needs recently released their first single, Black to Blue, via OPB Music. Get your country boy on.


Craigslist Me
OPB music contributor Matt Drenik shares his experience navigating the fascinating, sometimes dark, and seemingly endless morass that is the Craigslist musicians section.


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