Cover Me Series

COVER ME (Get Loud’s Cover Series Volume 1)

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Miracle Falls
Phantom Ships (members of Mudhoney)
Henry Brown
Matt Vondy
Ivan Howard
Jackalope Saints
Guy Keltner (Acid Tongue)
The Needs

Licensing – Park The Van

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Song Premiere: The Phantom Ships – ‘Black Hole’

Listen to the Portland band’s contribution to the new Cover Me – Volume 1 compilation.


Battleme’s New Cover Project Is Here with a Track by Black Book Guitars’ Natron Andrews [Song Premiere]

Author: Chris Young; Matt Drenik of Battleme invited nine Northwest songwriters into his studio to record whatever they wanted, and now you can hear what the owner of Black Book Guitars did with his entry into the cover series before its release on July 15.

      A few months ago, I had the idea of creating a compilation with some of my friends from the Pacific Northwest. I was trying to find a way into the subconscious of our group that highlighted their personal taste as artists. I knew them all as great songwriters, ones whom I admired, and ones that had a vision of what their “sound” should be. So I used the studio as a launching pad to start a cover series. I wanted there to be the no rules for the project. I didn’t want to do a “Dylan” comp or a “Nuggets” comp. I wanted them to have the freedom to do whatever they wanted, however they wanted, and above all else, have fun doing it. Maybe then I could get a quick glimpse of what actually turned them on.
      What came out is an undeniable answer to my question. As musicians we attach ourselves to certain scenes, genres, sub categories of whatever we deem worthy and cool. But in the end, what are we really talking about? What truly turns us on is a great song, regardless of genre. So when Paul Dillon of Miracle Falls leads us into a pillowy-psyche rendition of “Something in the Air,” it lays to rest everything I was initially questioning. At best, we’re admirers and dreamers, but ultimately, we’re listeners. This compilation is a scattered testament to that. In the end, it all fits. It sounds like a group; our group, a universal group of musical freaks and geeks, acknowledging that we’re all in this together. I hope this series continues, with other artists, ones that we might not know, ones that we might come to admire.
      Volume 1 features Ivan Howard (Rosebuds), Phantom Ships (featuring Matt Brown and Steve Turner), Nate Andrews (Natrons, BlackBook Guitars), Matt Vondy (Battleme), Henry Brown, The Jackalope Saints, Guy Keltner (Acid Tongue, Fox in the Law), The Needs (James Eliot Jones of Marvelous 3) and Miracle Falls (Paul Dillon of Mercury Rev, Sparklehorse).
      Chris LaTorre, a NYC friend and artist, created the cover art.



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