Hairy Patt Band


Hometown : Columbus, OH
Years active : 1988-1999
Band Members :
Jason Drenik
Joe Patt

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Licensing – Park The Van

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The Hairy Patt Band
“Marc the Narc” b/w “Bull Headed Clap Stomp”
7″ (In The Red Records)

One thing that will be apparent to those of you who have followed Hairy Patt’s recordings is that this band seems to be engaged in an ongoing dialogue with the actual process of recording. While most bands seem to be content to create a facsimile of their live sound, Hairy Patt appears to be using the recording process as a compositional tool, often reworking its songs into something rather distinct from the their live performances. Nowhere perhaps was this more apparent than their album Buford’s Last Pusser where the studio experiments–especially with vocals–were nearly ruined by Kramer’s inappropriately clean production.

Though the quality of the songs bore a hole through the album’s poorly conceived production, Hairy Patt evidently learned the right lesson from the experience because the subsequent “Brown” single sported a grittier, distorted, more “live” sound. Now with this release, the process seems to have come full circle, because the dirty production has been combined with a more adventurous, experimental approach to the recording process itself. The stripped-down blues of the B-side is my favorite, with it sped-up, almost Captain Beefheart vocals, and what I swear must be a flute accompaniment lurking beneath the noise. The more aggressive A-side, is notable for drumming so unbelievably kinetic you might think Joe Patt has been cloned. Someone suggested listening to this record at 33 RPM, and strangely enough it works as noisy, dirgey, trash rock a la early Monster Truck Five. This may be Hairy Patt’s best recording to date. – Nathan Weaver via Cringe


The Brown Sounds of Hairy Patt
“Brown” b/w “Howard’s Motel”

7″ (Chrome Frog Records)

Although I wasn’t around in the 50’s, I’m told roots rock (a genre originally known as rock ‘n’ roll) used to seem like really kinky, scary stuff. Appropriately coming to you on brown vinyl, Hairy Patt recaptures that tone. Following in the footsteps of the stripped down scum rock of Pussy Galore, they don’t bother with a bass player. Where PG depended on three guitar players to make its racket, Hairy is just two guys – a guitar player and a drummer. Yet, as anyone who has seen them live can testify, they’re capable of making a bigger noise than most bands three times their size, and they pull enough surprises to make you wonder how Jon Spencer’s music has managed to get so predictable these days despite the extra guitar at his disposal. For those who are already familiar with the band, I’m happy to report that gone is the fancy production that detracted from their otherwise fine album on Choke, Buford’s Last Pusser . Instead we get the LOUD, driving power of their best live shows, grit intact. Jason’s gruff, dirty old man vocals sound stronger than ever, delivering the timeless white trash wisdom of “Brown” on the A side (“What you gonna wear when you go downtown?/You can’t go wrong with brown”) and the redneck horror of “Howard’s Motel” on the other side. – Nathan Weaver via Cringe

In the early to mid 90’s, nothing was as pure and maniacal as the gutteral squalk of Columbus Ohio’s cowpunk duo Hairy Patt Band. Consisting of two childhood friends, Jason Drenik and Joe Patt, the band released two full length LPs (Bufford’s Last Pusser produced by Kramer) and several 7″ singles. They toured and shared the stage with The Jesus Lizard, Cows, Laughing Hyenas, Ed Hall, Pork, Cop Shoot Cop and others. And then, they disappeared. So it’s an honor to announce that over the next year, Get Loud will be re-releasing some of the duo’s 7″ singles (originally pressed by In The Red and Chrome Frog) and a slab of unreleased lo-fi gems. If mind blowing dirt scuz straight from the belly of the Ohio River is your thing, look no further.



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The Hairy Patt Band
“I’m So Angry You’re Going to Die” “Richard Ramirez”
“Buford’s Last Pusser” “The Legend of Soggy Creek” “Cruising”
7″ (Belly FU oh Happy Whale/Chrome Frog Records)

Buford’s Last Pusser
CD (Choke Records)


The Brown Sounds of Hairy Patt
“Brown” b/w “Howard’s Motel”
7″ (Chrome Frog Records)


The Hairy Patt Band
“Marc the Narc” b/w “Bull Headed Clap Stomp”
7″ (In The Red Records)




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